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Who we are seeking

We are looking for a Malaysian coding guru with or without cloud experience in our Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur office. In this exciting role you will ensure the successful delivery of high quality software products. You will be involved in the delivery of new releases for our existing technologies and be part of the design and development of new innovative products and services.

What skill set you need

  • You will value problem solving and the ability to learn over knowing a specific language, you must come with experience (C#, .Net, JavaScript).
  • You will be experienced with code reviewing, automated integration/acceptance testing and also possess an attitude towards automation as it increases quality and reduces boredom.
  • You will always be on the lookout for ways to make our processes faster and more robust.
  • Cloud experience is required or preferred as our product is SaaS hosted in Azure, so you will require experience in deploying, scaling, monitoring and troubleshooting in a distributed, cloud hosted environment.
  • There will be a constant process of learning and knowledge transfer but for the role of Senior Developer, you will need to contribute in retrospectives, question the 'status quo' and drive the team to operate in more efficient ways.
  • You are expected to be able to communicate, debate, draw, sketch, explain and compromise to arrive at the best solution with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Passionate about technology and keen to experience and explore the latest tech.

How do we compensate you

  • Salary range from RM3,000 to RM4,000 (including EPF + SOCSO)
  • Allowances
  • You will get to work from home most of the time unless we need to meet for brainstorming.
  • You may get to travel to visit the clients in Singapore or Thailand for meetings.

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