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The Marketing Firm was founded in 2007 with the aim to be the kind of marketing company that a client would want to work with. One that finds new ways to engage, excite and empower your brand. Making big things with realistic strategies, ideas and budgets.

The business environment evolves every day and speed to market is one of the key challenges that a business owner faced. Let us ask ourselves this question, “When we need to search for information of a particular product or service, don’t we immediately do it virtually?” Businesses are going virtual and digital because they just make more business sense, we do not want you to lag behind.

Our services will complement any campaign and are able to help businesses from sole proprietors to MNCs. We deliver values by combining our expertise in strategic thinking, creativity, technology and business sense. We develop and build digital interfaces and web applications for brands that engage people to hang around, enjoy and recall. Things that we have done for our clients have shown positive results in terms of generating awareness and most importantly sales conversion.

In short, TMF Unite Technology with Marketing to drive Innovation.

Our Believes


We exist to drive your sales, profitability, brand and reputation forward. We are a marketing company that understands business and achieves results.


Putting you right at the heart of what we do means we create long-term, close and enjoyable relationships. And we keep them that way by delivering on time and on budget. Every time.


We do not create for the sake of it. We create to drive sales, build brands, change opinions, and make big things happen.


We work really closely with our clients and other partners to ensure we understand your business and objectives.


We take nothing for granted. We leave no stone unturned in the hunt for the big idea, seeking out new ways to build your brand and reach your customers.


There is no substitute for dedication. And we do everything in our power to ensure our clients have what they need, when they need it at the very best quality.


We are overflowing with the same youthful enthusiasm that we had when we opened our doors, plus we are overflowing with experience from working in different industries.


Whether it is fee-based, project-based or as a roster-based, we are absolutely flexible about how we work with our clients.


Great relationships are built on time, trust, treating people fairly and doing the right things. That is what we care about, and that is why our clients stay with us.


Business moves fast. The marketing landscape changes every day. That is why we are geared up to move faster than any other marketing company you have ever worked with.